About Us

Based in the vibrant city of Anaheim, California, GizmosFix specializes in premium mail-in repair services for cellphones, tablets, and laptops. Beyond our expertise in component-level motherboard fixes, we are adept at retrieving data from water-damaged devices or phones that no longer power on.

Established in 2015, our proficiency in microsoldering has garnered us a reputation as one of the nation’s finest. Our passion for the craft is evident, as we regularly share behind-the-scenes repair videos on our Facebook and YouTube channels. For those eager to master the art of microsoldering, VCC Board Repairs proudly offers comprehensive courses tailored for repair shop proprietors.

terms of service

You can find our rates on our “price list”, which differ based on the device model and the nature of the repair. The displayed prices are the upper limits we charge. We won’t add together or accumulate multiple repair charges without your consent. If your repair need isn’t mentioned, please request a quote via our website.

Repair / Recovery:
When the repair or recovery is complete, we create an invoice in our system and send it to you via email & you will also see it on your list of invoices when logged in.  It is payable online by card using the pay link listed on the attached invoice we emailed or by clicking the pay button through our website.  After the invoice is paid, we ship the device back.

Prior Logic Board Rework Attempts:
Once the repair or recovery process is finalized, we generate an invoice and send it to your email. You can also view this invoice in your account when logged in. You can make the payment online using the link provided in the emailed invoice or by selecting the ‘pay’ option on our website. As soon as the payment is processed, we’ll dispatch your device back to you.

All parts and services come with a 90-day guarantee from the date of repair. This guarantee pertains specifically to the primary problem(s) we addressed and doesn’t extend to the whole device. Any accidental damage post-repair is not under this warranty. If feasible, back up your device prior to sending it to us, as we cannot ensure data protection. Free repairs are evaluated on an individual basis and are not encompassed by our standard warranty; we only warranty services for which a fee has been charged.

Return / Refund Policy:
Should a problem we addressed reoccur, you’ll need to send the device back to us for re-examination. If we’re unable to repair it, we’ll refund the cost of the repair. However, it’s important to note that we can’t offer refunds for problems not linked to our original repair. Additionally, shipping fees are non-refundable.

Payment Terms and return shipping:
Payment should be settled within 14 days following the completion of the repair. Invoices settled before 3:00 PM EST will have their devices dispatched on the same business day; any payments made after this time will result in shipping on the subsequent business day. Devices for which payments aren’t made within 60 days of being notified about the repair’s completion or a device’s irreparability will be deemed as abandoned. Such devices may be utilized for parts or sold to recoup repair and storage expenses.